Aim for a five minute Engagement Experience

According to Dave Biggs, the Chief Engagement Officer of MetroQuest, attention spans are shorter than ever. In order to engage people who are in a rush or those who are less motivated, aim for a 5-minute experience.

5-minute experience

He considers it may seem counter-intuitive. but the shorter you make it, the more information you’ll collect when consulting online. It only needs to seem like it’s going to take 5-minutes when people arrive. Visitors will look around and do some quick math to estimate how long it will take before deciding to engage.

Interactive elements like putting comments on a map have a way of looking fast and then sucking people in because they are so engaging. They might spend a great deal more than 5 minutes after they get hooked. A boring 35-question survey will likely scare most people away but 3 or 4 interactive exercises that allow people to engage briefly or deeply will allow people to engage at whatever level they feel comfortable.

Original Source: Metroquest

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